Interactive Query-on-Demand™
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What is Query-on-Demand™?

Query-on-Demand is a service which allows you to ask questions to online instructors in real time - this service is free of charge. You will find that you Chinese skills can be improved dramatically by interacting with a real person.

If I don't have enough query time, how do I top up my time?

Simply click on "Time of Query-on-Demand™"  in the control panel and then use  the button "Time replenishing for members" to top up your time.

how do I use Query-on-Demand™?

Just click on "Reply the Query on Demand" and choose the "Advisers from the Teacher" option on the menu and when you have any questions or inquiries about the AutoClass™ you are watching, the teacher online will give you the advice you need immediately! If you want some information about the content of the current class from the teacher, just click the "Advice on the Current Class" option, and the system will recommend the right teacher according to your textbook! If you have any questions not during curriculum time, you can always choose "Advice without Textbook" under the column "Advice from the Teacher" to input your questions. Also you can use "Record of the Query" under the column of "Record of the Query" to mark your question.