Lesson Playback (AutoClass™)
  • If you are tired of traditional studying methods, you can search our database and playback lessons of other students who have contributed their lessons to the database.

In this way you will benefit not just from the lesson topic, but also the and feedback between teacher and student throughout the lessons.

What is Lesson Playback (AutoClass™)?

A study aid unique to "Chinese@Home®" which enables you to replay courses and lessons automatically. After you register, even you don't buy any courses, you can access many FREE playback lessons.

What we try to achieve with AutoClass™?

It tried to help students to consolidate what they have learned in classes. You can access classes taken by others, this will help you to consolidate the understanding in several ways for the same lesson.

How can AutoClass™ help with my learning?

Never before you can instantly review your class and through reviewing you may discover the things you initially missed out. What's more? Your own lessons' playback (AutoClass™) is absolutely FREE!