One-on-one Chinese Learning (LiveClass™)

One-on-one Chinese Online Learning (LiveClass™)

Chinese@Home's One-on-one Online Learning (LiveClass™) is an innovative system which combines traditional one-on-one tutorial teaching methods with the latest advances in computerized education techniques.

Simple equipment such as a microphone, a writing tablet and a webcam allows you to communicate effectively with your teacher a world away.

Courses ranging from entry-level Chinese, to everyday conversational Chinese, to Chinese for advanced learners such as essay composition or HSK examinations are all readily available. Our qualified teachers with authentic Chinese voice pronunciation are available 24/7, at times that suit your learning needs.

With our unique online teaching solutions, it’s easy to create the perfect learning environment, as if you were in your own private classroom, with one-on-one teaching at its best!

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Flexible lesson content
Solve you problems instantly
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The highlights of One-on-one
Do you have these problems in learning Chinese?
  • I can't improve my Chinese even though I have been learning it for more than 2 years now, and I get tired of it at times!
  • Which elements do I start with? Listening, speaking or writing?
  • It is difficult to find a good Chinese teacher to my liking!
  • I am too busy to go to a language school and I want to choose my own time to learn!
  • I have been to many Chinese teaching websites, and the steps and operations are so complicated and time consuming.
  • One-on-one learning is far too expensive for most people.
Don't despair! We'll solve all these problems for you.
Live one-on-one learning, experience the fun of learning Chinese
1. Our method is easy, fun and offers several unique elements.

We have developed software applications especially for Chinese learning. You can try the simple yet powerful Characters Trace-Over™ system, and test your own Chinese skills with our Self-Assessment. Also, you can choose and book the teachers of your choice to try one interactive class - free of charge!

ViSR™ (Virtual interactive Study Room) is Chinese@Home’s very own classroom, brought right to your computer. Using ViSR™ you can write and draw characters and practice your pronunciation over and over, interacting in real time with a live Chinese teacher to help guide you. You can also save the lessons, download the learning materials and communicate with your teacher directly.

Our CORS™ - Course Online Reservation and Schedule - system makes tailoring your learning schedule simple. You can reserve or modify your course with a click of the mouse.

Chinese teaching experts offer you professional lessons
2. After you arrange to take a free trial lesson, our professional tutors will assess your Chinese level and help you work out a study plan. Choose one of these courses:
Select the perfect teacher for you from among our hundreds of teachers
3. With our high-quality educational services and experienced teachers, we pay close attention to you and your educational needs.

We recruit experienced and authoritative experts on Chinese language teaching, who will help you deal with the problems you may face. In order to provide the best services to you, we engage teachers specializing in various fields:

  • Domestic language education linguists, professors and professional experts in Chinese.
  • Language teachers who have working experiences abroad and proficiency in different foreign languages.
  • Young teachers with plenty of experiences in language teaching, who can communicate with you about the trends and developments of the young generations.

You can select the teachers of your choice, we are here for you 24/7.

Study Chinese at the comfort of your home
4. A flexible curriculum, and all the convenience of online learning at times that suit you.

Our curriculum is flexible and will fit in with your schedule! Time differences are not a barrier to learning with us, and you can learn Chinese whenever it’s convenient.

Sign up using your e-mail and begin your Chinese study
5. Use our simple but powerful booking system – CORS™ - it’s convenient and efficient. You can book a free trail class and playback the recording of your own lesson lessons. It's free of charge.

There whole learning process is so clear and easy, you'll feel as if the teacher is right at home with you!

Low price and more choices
6. Registering allows you access to our free introductory course, and to our enjoyable and effective educational services, all at a consistently low cost!

Depending on the package you select, It can cost you as little as $3 US to have a One-on-one class with one of our experienced teachers. As a member of our community, you can enjoy all the discounts and privileges - Register Now!