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What is HSK?

Official introduction of The Basic Chinese Proficiency Test
Official introduction of The Elementary and Intermediate Chinese Proficiency Test
Official introduction of The Advance Chinese Proficiency Test

Introduction from the HSK taker

HSK Basic
HSK Elementary / Intermediate

Revised HSK

The new format's emphasis is "comprehensive language and communication ability". Most notably will be the inclusion of spoken and written segments at all levels (not just Advanced), reformation of the ranking system, and use of new question structures.

The new ranking system reduces the three test formats to Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level will have two passing grades: "acceptable" and "with honors".

Test Rank Score Certificate
HSK Advanced 6 Advanced with Honors
5 Advanced
- none
HSK Intermediate 4 Intermediate with Honors
3 Intermediate
- none
HSK Elementary 2 Elementary with Honors
1 Elementary
- none

Revised HSK level 1: outline and sample test
Revised HSK level 2: outline and sample test

Please Note: Revised HSK was designed and developed solely by Beijing Language and Culture University. And it is not recognized by Hanban. The new vision HSK certificates are not as effective as the old ones.

These are some comments from the New HSK takers

Free One-on-One HSK Trial Tutorial Session (Live!)

Every new student can take a free trial lesson after signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation to take any lesson. The purpose of the free Chinese lesson is to help Chinese language learners to get an idea of how our Virtual Classroom and teaching methods work.

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How to register HSK?

2010 HSK Exam Timetable in China

Type Time Enroll Date on the spots Enroll Date on the website Payment
HSK[Basic] April 17th,2010 March 15th—19th,2010 March1st—10th,2010 200RMB
HSK[Basic] November27th,2010 November1st—5th,2010 October19th—27th,2010 200RMB
HSK[Elementary-Intermediate] April 18th,2010 March 15th—19th,2010 March1st—10th,2010 250RMB
HSK[Elementary-Intermediate] June20th, 2010 May17th—21th,2010 May1st—12th,2010 250RMB
HSK[Elementary-Intermediate] October 17th,2010 September 16th—22th,2010 September1st—10th,2010 250RMB
HSK[Elementary-Intermediate ] November 28th,2010 November1st—5th,2010 October19th—27th,2010 250RMB
HSK[Advanced] April 17th,2010 March16th — 19th,2010 March1st—10th,2010 400RMB
HSK[Advanced] October 16th,2010 September17th—22th,2010 September1st—10th,2010 400RMB

2010 HSK New Version Timetable in China

Type Time Enroll Date on the spots Enroll Date on the website Payment (RMB)
HSK[Basic] December 11th,2010 Dec 1st—6th,2010 N/A Paper: 200, Writing: 100, Oral: 100
HSK[Elementary-Intermediate] December 12th,2010 Dec 1st—6th,2010 N/A Paper: 250, Writing: 100, Oral: 150
HSK[Advanced] December 11th,2010 Dec 1st—6th,2010 N/A Paper: 350, Writing: 100, Oral: 150

HSK Test Venues

Candidates taking HSK in China mainland please refer to the test center (China mainland) list
Candidates taking HSK out of China please refer to the test center (World) list

HSK Vocabulary List

HSK vocabulary is most helpful to those preparing for the Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK) at all levels. This vocabulary is also a wonderful resource for anyone working to build their Chinese language vocabulary. I do not recommend candidates to recite the characters and words, but learn it through context and daily accumulation. I collected the vocabulary for all three levels. HSK basic vocabulary list contains 800 hundred characters and words, and it is downloadable.

HSK basic Vocabulary List
HSK Intermediate Vocabulary List
HSK Advanced Vocabulary List

How to solve vocabulary problems in real HSK?
View the Guide to Problem Solutions of the Vocabulary Part of the HSK Test

HSK idioms list
Besides HSK basic, Chengyu (idioms) are often appeared in HSK test. Here are the most popular used idioms

How to prepare HSK test?

We have concluded some typical topics about the problems the HSK candidates met in preparing the test and the suggestions given by experienced HSK exam takers.

Best way to get a HSK Level 3

Anyone Taken the HSK Advanced?

09/11/29 HSK Elementary-Intermediate Review

Advanced HSK on April 18,2009

How to prepare your HSK Listening

How to practice you Listening with FREE resources?

How to improve your listening through CRI?
If you start listening to CRI, you might also be interested in this little program that will compile all the articles from a given broadcast into one nice html file with an embedded media player.

HSK test papers and exercise

Take our Sample HSK test online!

HSK real paper question resources
2008 HSK Basic_1
2008 HSK Basic_2
HSK Elementary-Intermediate Comprehensive Part
HSK Elementary-Intermediate_1
HSK Elementary-Intermediate_2

HSK practice and sample test paper resources
HSK Advanced sample
HSK Basic sample
HSK Elementary-Intermediate practice
HSK Elementary-Intermediate sample

HSK exercise resources
HSK Comprehensive Exercise_1
HSK Comprehensive Exercise_2
HSK Grammar
HSK Reading

Reference books for HSK

To better prepare yourself for HSK. There are recommendations and comments from the HSK takers about how to choose books for preparing the HSK test.

Comprehensive recommendations covering listening, grammar, reading and comprehensive part.

Grammar references for HSK

References for HSK Elementary-Intermediate listening section

FAQs for HSK

View the frequently asked questions for HSK

Important Note

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