Situational Chinese

Situational Chinese lessons

Course Summary

Situational Chinese covers all aspects of life in China such as daily conversational Chinese, trendy Chinese, and cool verbal Chinese. It is suitable for the students who has finished Pinyin courses and mastered a few of basic words, characters, grammar points and sentence structures. The curriculum emphasizes practicality and usability, from daily necessities to traveling and much more, providing the students with the best oral Chinese materials ranging from Chinese culture to daily life of people in china at different levels. The curriculum includes the following sections: Situational Chinese dialogue, Language Highlights, Practice and Vocabulary. Students are able to talk freely once finished the whole lessons.

Objectives:Situational Chinese

  • Learn practical and usable basic language skills;
  • Cover a range of topics from daily necessities to social life in China;
  • Learn to express your views on social and cultural aspects of living in China.
  • With the skills of writing different type of compositions.


  • Foundation level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

Course structure:

  • Each level consists of:
  • 30 lessons, giving a total of 90 individual lessons over the three levels;
  • Total length: each level consists of approximately 30 hours;
  • 90 sets of relevant exercises.

Suggestions for learning:

  • Interact with the teacher to practice the dialogue and the pronunciation in the class;
  • Finish the exercises after class;
  • Use the vocabulary and key sentences in context;
  • Review the lessons by watching the playback.

Sample Course Materials:


Lesson description

Lesson 1: Learn how to ask directions and the words “怎么”“还是”“向”used in the sentence pattern.

Lesson 2: Learn the basic dialogue and expressions used in class, the usage of words “和...一样”, “觉得” and etc in the sentence pattern.

Lesson 3: Learn the dialogue and expressions of the admission procedure and the usage of words “不用”, “当然” in the sentence pattern.

Lesson 4: Learn some basic dialogue and expressions about party, sentence patterns as inquiring reasons, expressing suggestions or doubt.

Lesson 5: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about renting, ways of inquiring the size of the unit and asking for bargain.

Lesson 6: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about cities, and sentence patterns for negating the former and affirming the latter.

Lesson 7: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about barber shop, sentence patterns expressing one’s own views.

Lesson 8: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about film and interview, sentence patterns of expressing willing and expressions.

Lesson 9: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about bank. Sentence pattern used to express “wrongly judge something”.

Lesson 10: Learn basic dialogues and expressions about dance party and sentence patterns for estimating the situation and expressing the aim.


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