Chinese Phonetics

Chinese Phonetics lessons

Course Summary

Chinese Phonetics is suitable for the pre-beginners, who start the Chinese learning from the first initial and final. The course focuses on the detailed explanation of phonetic essentials such as consonants, vowels, tones, the rules of phonetic combination and tone shift. The progressive learning approach coupled with intensive training focusing on pronunciation and listening will ensure you first class results.

Objectives:Chinese Phonetics

  • Learn consonants, vowels, the rules of phonetic combination and tone shift;
  • Learn the basic pronunciation rules of the Chinese language.

Course structure:

  • 16 lessons;
  • Total length: Approximately 16 hours;
  • 16 sets of relevant exercises.
  • With both Chinese and English version study materials.

Suggestions for learning:

  • Interact with teachers on pronunciation;
  • Remember the facts on pronunciation;
  • Use the vocabulary and key sentences in context;
  • Review the lessons by watching the playback.

Sample Course Materials:


An Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation

Learn Chinese Pronunciation with Elaine

Lesson description

Lesson 1: Basic knowledge of Chinese pronunciation, such as initial consonants, single final consonants, vowel a, o, e, intonations, etc.

Lesson 2: Initial Consonants d, t, n, l; Single Final Consonants i, u, ü, and neutral intonation.

Lesson 3: Initial Consonants g, k, h, final consonants i, ei, ao, ou, and the Orthographic Rules of them.

Lesson 4: Intonation Variation: transposition of 3rd tone, and half-tone.

Lesson 5: Initial consonants j, q, x and final consonants ia, ie, iao, iou(-iu)and their orthographic rules.

Lesson 6: Initial consonants j, q, x, final consonants ian, in, iang, ing, iong and their orthographic rules.

Lesson 7: Initial consonants zh, ch, final consonant - i, and compound final consonants an, en and their combination rules.

Lesson 8: Initial consonants sh, r, compound final consonants ang, eng, ong and their combination rules.

Lesson 9: Initial consonants z, c, s, compound final consonants ua, uo uai, uei(-ui).

Lesson 10: Review z, c, s, compound final consonants uɑn, uen(-un), uang, ueng.


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