Star Teacher
  • All of our teachers are experienced and professionally qualified.Our elite teachers are the most outstanding ones amongst our teaching staffs.
  • Major Experience: I have eight-year experience in teaching and tutoring foreign students Chinese. I love Chinese teaching and communicating with my students. I am patient, careful and funny in teaching with both English and Chinese. My students come from USA, Korea, Japan and Singapore. I am also good at working out the suitable study plan for my students based on their foundation and requirements. I hope I could help you with Chinese phonetics, Chinese characters, oral Chinese, writing and HSK tutorial.
Jackie (Zhang)
  • Major Experience: I am a dynamic figure, often seen brainstorming a lot fresh ideas and bringing fun to my loop of friends. I was prominent in dancing when I was a kid. I seldom let time slip through my fingers. I am a big fan of outdoor activities. I've got clear mind without mingling my personal affairs with my responsibilities. I cherish promising things for my efforts. I once staged one of my best autobiographies in my class.
Sophie Song  
  • Major Experience:My name is Song Yingjie. My hometown is Tianjin. I graduated from Chongqing normal university majoring teaching Chinese as a second language. After graduation, I went to Thailand as a volunteer for three years. I came back on March of this year. I worked at capital mandarin school as a mandarin teacher from April to August. I love this job.
Vivian Wang  
  • Major Experience:Chinese language and literature is my major when I was an undergraduate. And during the four years, I accepted scientific education about Chinese; finally I got my degree in literature. I passed the CET4 and CET6, and my Standard spoken Chinese reaches Level II A. Now I am studying for my master's degree in Capital Normal University, and my major is "Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages". I'm a girl who is cheerful, optimistic, prudent, and patient. I enjoy teaching very much, and I had taught many students before, so I accumulated much experience. In the future, I want to take my teaching to a higher level.
Amelie Chen  
  • Major Experience:First, a solid Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, rich cultural and historical knowledge, knowledge of foreign language education, cross-cultural communication knowledge and skills; I am studying the Chinese language for International Education in Beijing Language and Culture University in China for a master's degree. Moreover, I am extroverted, optimistic, active, patient, strong affinity, caring and liking raising cats and dogs. I am innovative and creative for thinking and my class is very lively.
Eira Gao  
  • Major Experience:I graduated from the BLCU, with the major of teaching Chinese as the second language. I'm a patient, friendly and open-minded girl, speaking standard and fluent Mandarin and good English.
Susan Zeng  
  • Major Experience:I'm a cheerful girl and I have taught Chinese for four years. I enjoy teaching and make friends.

  • Major Experience: I master in Chinese pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary knowledge, methods of training listening and oral speaking skills. Every class is designed for student's specific needs. Grammar and communicative function are combined skillfully, to make students acquire the language skills efficiently. Able to make the students understand Chinese special vocabulary and grammar in English, and then do practical practices (practices are very important). Clear Mandarin accent, good at discriminating and correcting pronunciation errors, good at correcting errors in a way that the students can understand. Familiar with Chinese and Beijing culture, let the students understand the culture during language training and use it properly.
Selena Sun
  • Major Experience: I've been teaching Chinese to foreigners through skype for more than 2 years. My students come from different countries, including university professor, sales manager, engineer and students at school. They vary in their ages and Chinese levels, but they all enjoy learning Chinese and they've made great progress so far. We're now not only teachers and students, but friends. I do enjoy the job and I would try my best to help you in your Chinese learning.